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Installing or Maintaining Access Control Systems in London

Making sure that only those who should get into a large building, while keeping life simple for the people who need to be there, doesn't need to be complicated. Use Robber's Nightmare to service your existing access control in London, or to design and install a customised solution that gives you exactly what you need.

Mechanical and Digital Access Systems

The major advantage of any access control system is that it allows you to do away with the need for keys, and to adapt your security over time as the number or details of the people who should be allowed into the building changes. Beyond this, there are lots of options.

Mechanical systems - Such as the classic number pad are generally less costly to install. They're secure and long lasting, but only one code can be set at a time. Mechanical options are often used as door entry systems in apartment blocks and can be linked with a video camera or entry phone so that the person opening the door knows who they're opening it too.

Digital systems - Including time-sensitive swipe cards used in hotels, or biometric systems, which are generally more costly but also more flexible. You can set different codes for different areas or different people. The system can be reprogrammed as employees or tenants leave. On the downside, you'll need to make provision to ensure the system still works if the power fails and there is a risk and digital systems can be hacked.

All Your Access Control Needs Met by Robber's Nightmare

Services include emergency repairs or maintenance of existing access control in London and the supply and installation of new systems. Whichever you need you're assured of:

  • 24/7 support and immediate quotes on our customer advice line
  • A professional locksmith with you in around 30 minutes when you need emergency repairs
  • Security experts to help you design a new system that's customised to your needs
  • Seven-day appointment availability for planned maintenance visits

Security, Quality and Value in Your London Access Control

Your technician will be a security vetted individual of good repute who's also qualified to and experienced in working with all kinds of access control and door entry systems. Your work is completed under insurance cover and both labour and any components supplied are covered by a full guarantee.