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Domestic and Commercial Door Fitting in London

Front doors and back doors. Internal doors, and fire proof or high-security doors. Robber's Nightmare's fitters offer services for any sort of door fitting in London and work with both domestic and commercial clients. You're assured of accurate workmanship, fair prices and you'll get your work completed at the time that's most convenient to you.

Refits and New Installations

After a renovation, you may need to get existing doors rehung. A professional fitter will work quickly and efficiently, and make any adaptations or minor repairs needed as they're going along.

Equally, you may be looking for someone to install one or several new doors. If you've already bought your doors, that's fine. If not and you're looking for some advice on the style or fabrication type that suits you, just ask. Some of the issues you might be considering could include:

  • Material type - uPVC, metal or wood all have their advantages and disadvantages
  • Security fittings - We always recommend British Standard locks and hinges. Ask about letter box protection or peepholes too.
  • Fireproofing - Fire resistance is a must for doors in any multi-occupancy building and brings peace of mind in your home

Door fitting services can be as simple and straightforward, or as comprehensive as you need. Ask for advice on door selection, supply, installation or any combination of these three elements.

The Advantages of Choosing Robber's Nightmare for Door Installation

As a local firm, we take pride in adapting our services to meet the needs of homeowners and business people in the community:

  • Contact us anytime on our 24/7 support line
  • Get an immediate quote for fitting a door, or book a consultation with an experienced fitter
  • Arrange your door fitting service in London any day of the week
  • Any doors or fittings supplied will confirm to the relevant British Standards
  • Pay a very affordable rate for a single installation, or benefit from discounts for large volume work
  • Your door installer will arrive with all the tools needed for your work

Insured and Guaranteed Door Fitting in London

Your service will be completed by qualified and experienced fitters who work under full insurance. Both the installation work and any parts supplied are covered by a comprehensive guarantee.

As you'd expect, your workers are DBS vetted and, to aid identification and security, they arrive in a branded vehicle and uniform.