30 min Response Time

Insured Services to Open a Safe in London

Whether you've lost the key or combination, or the safe itself is faulty, it's no fun having your vital documents or precious belongings inaccessible. Use the Robber's Nightmare open safe service in London to get hold of your passport in time to catch the plane, or retrieve sensitive company documents before that all-important meeting.

You Have Your Trade Secrets, We Have Ours

In the case of traditional combination locks, your technician will make use of picking and manipulation techniques. Electronic safes produced by high-quality manufacturers will often have access and reset codes which are available to qualified and registered locksmiths.

  • Whenever possible your locksmith will open your safe without damage to the unit
  • When time is of the essence, with your permission, your security expert may damage the safe to get it open in the shortest possible time
  • Damage caused by opening a safe can generally be repaired - you'll be advised of the likelihood of this before giving permission for opening

In all cases, you stay in charge of how your work is done. If you decide to replace a damaged or faulty safe you'll be offered advice in choosing a suitable model.

You may be asked to demonstrate that you're entitled to access the safe before you locksmith opens it... most of our customers fully understand the reasons behind this and appreciate our caution!

Features of the Robber's Nightmare Safe Opening Service

Safe opening in London is available to both domestic and commercial clients. It can be booked as an emergency service or planned appointment:

  • Call 24/7 to get a quote or book safe opening
  • When you need access to the contents of the safe immediately, your locksmith will generally be with you within 30 minutes
  • Planned services are available seven days a week
  • Yoursafe will be opened without damage whenever possible unless you request the fastest possible opening - then by any means necessary

Reference Vetted Safe Opening Personnel in London

If you've invested in a safe, you're already aware of the importance of security. So are we! Your safe locksmith will be a reference vetted individual who's been subject to DBS clearance. Your technician will arrive in uniform and will be carrying ID.